Top releases of 2013

Well over 150 releases have been selected by various contributors highlighting some of the finest in an expansive array of electronic music featuring ambient, dub, bass, glitch, industrial, IDM, electro, synth and various other sonic contortions. Links to reviews as well as a Soundcloud player are also included below.

Abdulla Rashim :: Aksum/Alem Maya/Semien Terara 12”s (Abdulla Rashim)
Benoît Honoré Pioulard :: Roanoke (self-released)
Boards Of Canada :: Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
Christophe Bailleau & Julien Demoulin :: Outshining Memories (Time Released Sound)
Conforce :: Kinetic Image (Delsin)
Dalglish :: Niaw ot Vile (PAN)
Dalhous :: An Ambassador for Laing (Blackest Ever Black)
Eluder :: Through Horizon (Infraction)
Fabio Orsi & Pimmon :: Procrastination (Home Normal)
Francesco Giannico :: Luminance (Somehow)
Hakobune :: Nebulous Sequences (VoxxoV)
Jon Hopkins :: Immunity (Domino)
Dadub :: You Are Eternity (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Kiln :: meadow:watt (Ghostly International)
Maps and Diagrams :: Being Empty (Unknown Tone)
Pausal :: Sky Margin (Own)
Secret Pyramid :: Movements of Night (Students of Decay)
Tim Hecker :: Virgins (Kranky)
Tobias Hellkvist :: Turquoise (Small Fragments)
Tomonari Nozaki :: Une Histoire de Bleu (Invisible Birds)

Arovane :: Ve Palor (n5MD)
Atoms For Peace :: AMOK (XL)
Autechre :: Exai (Warp)
Black Dog :: Tranklements (Dust Science)
Boards Of Canada :: Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
Conquering Animal Sound :: On Floating Bodies (Chemikal Underground)
Deadbeat :: Primordia (re-issue) (BLKRTZ)
Matmos :: The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey)
µZiq :: Chewed Corners (Planet Mu)
The Knife :: Shaking The Habitual  (Rabid)
Vondelpark :: Seabed (R&S)

Autechre :: Exai (Warp)
Boards Of Canada :: Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
Pantha Du Prince & Bell Laboratory :: Elements of Light (Rough Trade)
Braids :: Flourish // Perish (Arbutus)
Machinedrum :: Vapor City (Ninja Tune)
The Haxan Cloak :: Excavation (Tri Angle)
Comaduster :: Hollow Worlds (Tympanik Audio)
Jessy Lanza :: Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub)
Karen Gwyer :: Needs Continuum (Hyperdub)
Lustmord :: The Word as Power (Blackest Ever Black)
µZiq :: Chewed Corners (Planet Mu)

[PHYSICS] :: Spectramorphic Iridescence (Digitalis)
Atik & Enq :: Fear Of The Unknown (Tympanik Audio/Mindtrick)
AtomTM :: HD (Raster-Noton)
Autechre :: Exai (Warp)
Burial :: Rival Dealer (Hyperdub)
Comaduster :: Hollow Worlds (Tympanik Audio)
Deepchord :: dc07/dc08/dc09 & dc10/dc11/dc12 (echospace [detroit])
Demdike Stare :: Testpressing#002 (Modern Love)
Jon Hopkins :: Immunity (Domino)
Kaboom Karavan :: Hokus Fokus (Miasmah)
Kettel :: Ibb & Obb Original Soundtrack (Sending Orbs)
Kreng :: And Then In The Morning… (Sonic Pieces)
Locust :: You’ll Be Safe Forever (Editions Mego)
Lussuria :: American Babylon (Hospital Productions)
Miles :: Unsecured (Modern Love)
µZiq :: Chewed Corners (Planet Mu)
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement :: Water Rose Above The Head (Bed Of Nails)
Rauelsson :: Vora (Sonic Pieces)
Ricardo Donoso :: One Verse Sharpens Another (Digitalis)
Shifted :: Under A Single Banner (Bed Of Nails)
Svarte Greiner :: Black Tie (Miasmah)
The Stranger :: Watching Dead Empires In Decay (Modern Love)
Undermathic :: Indistinct Face (Tympanik Audio)
Vatican Shadow :: When You Are Crawling (Hospital Productions)
Zinovia :: The Gift Of Affliction (Tympanik Audio)

Coppe’ :: Void (Mango + Sweetrice)
HK119 :: Imaginature (One Little Indian)
Jilk :: Retreat To Sleep (Bit-Phalanx Music)
Kelli Ali :: Band Of Angels (Self-Released)
Nils Frahm :: Spaces (Erased Tapes)
Matmos :: The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey)
M.I.A. :: Matangi (Interscope / N.E.E.T.)
Omar Souyleman :: Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
Protest Crayon :: Blessing, Cleaning & Cutting (Bit-Phalanx Music)
When Saints Go Machine :: Infinity Pool (!K7)

AUN :: Alpha Heaven (Denovali)
Bombay Dub Orchestra :: Tales From The Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)
Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones :: Quatorze Pièces de Menace (Denovali)
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society :: Brooklyn Babylon (New Amsterdam)
Doyeq :: Never Back (Fuselab)
Dreissk :: edge_horizon (n5MD)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill :: Live In Dub & The Victor Rice Remixes (Echo Beach)
Field Rotation :: Fatalist: The Repetition of History (Denovali)
Greg Haines :: Where We Were (Denovali)
Ishome :: Confession (Fuselab)
Jah Wobble & Marconi Union :: Anomic (30 Hertz)
John Lemke :: People Do (Denovali)
Justin Walter :: Lullabies And Nightmares (Kranky)
Lars Leonhard + Alvina Red :: Seasons – Les Quatre Saisons (BineMusic)
Marsen Jules Trio :: Présence Acousmatique (Oktaf)
Miktek :: Elsewhere (Ultimae)
Minilogue :: Blomma (Cocoon)
Ocoeur :: Light as a feather (n5MD)
Oneirogen :: Kiasma (Denovali)
Piano Interrupted :: The Unified Field (Denovali)
SaffronKeira + Mario Massa :: Cause and Effect (Denovali)
Saltland :: I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us (Constellation)
Sebastian Plano :: Impetus (Denovali)
Shigeto :: No Better Time Than Now (Ghostly International)
Solar Fields :: Origin # 02 (Ultimae)
Sumner McKane :: Select Visual History (Don’t Hit Your Sister)
Terminal Sound System :: A Sun Spinning Backwards (Denovali)
The Kandinsky Effect :: Synesthesia (Cuneiform)
Úlfur :: White Mountain (Western Vinyl)
Ulrich Schnauss :: A Long Way To Fall (Scripted Realities / Domino)
V/A :: Oxycanta III (Ultimae)
Vincent I. Watson :: Serene (Pyramids of Mars)

Ambot :: A (Etalabel)
Arovane :: Ve Palor (n5MD)
Atik & Enq :: Fear Of The Unknown (Tympanik Audio/Mindtrick)
Autechre :: Exai (Warp)
Boards Of Canada :: Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
Bogger :: per_haps EP (Digital Gadget)
Bogmon :: Echos in the Void Remixes (Buried In Time)
Diamat :: Being is the Sum of Appearing (n5MD)
Dissolved :: Surge of the Lucid (Daddy Tank)
Erratic :: Downward Echoes EP (Acre)
Fade Runner :: Fade Runner EP (Bedroom Research)
Hecq :: Horror Vacui (Hymen)
Ion Driver :: Momentary Abstractions EP (Addictech)
Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens :: The Holy Dogs of Other Days (Plastic Sound Supply)
Keosz :: Fate EP (Crackling Claps)
LPF12 :: Rising Through Barricades (The Crime League)
Mitoma :: Iso:Forms (Brainstormlab)
Nebulo :: Castles (Hymen)
Nina Georgieva :: Collision Detect EP (Enig’matik)
Nonima :: Macro Flinching (Section 27)
The Oceanographer :: B Minor (Detroit Underground)
Pattern Behavior :: Pattern Behavior EP (Component)
Plaster :: Nemesis EP (Touchin’ Bass)
Preghost :: Ghost Story (n5MD)
Scanone :: Scenes EP (Yellow Machines)
Talos :: Reactor 4 (Layer Based Human Activities)
Tangent :: 1mk2 (Mindtrick)
To Skiagrafima :: Dinner With Alexia EP (33)
Untide :: Untide (Somewhere)
Valance Drakes :: A Fatherless Child EP (Detroit Underground)
V/A :: Colonization: Empty Channels of Mars (Lagunamuch)
V/A :: Discontinurecords 6/13 (Discontinu)
V/A :: Frequencies of the Mind 2 (Mindtrick)
V/A :: Iugeri Sonus III (Acre)

Boris Divider :: Aeon (Drivecom)
Breaker 1 2 :: Breakin’ (Forbidden Planet)
Echo 106 :: Infernal Regions (Lux Rec)
Fall of Saigon :: Untitled EP (Dark Entries)
Legowelt / Willie Burns :: Angels Against Dust (Beyond The Speakers)
Lost Traxx :: Hidden Agenda (Tabernacle)
Patrick Cowley :: School Daze (Dark Entries)
Red Stars Over Tokyo :: Melody Attack (Testtoon)
The Exaltics meets Elec PT.1 :: The Exaltics Meets… (Solar One Music)
Three Of You :: T.O.Y. (Bordello A Parigi)
Titonton Duvanté :: Provocative EP (aDepth Audio)
Uexkull :: Hormad (Brutalist Sunset)
V/A :: Collectio Vol. 4 (The X-Rust Organization)
V/A :: Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 1 (Medical)
V/A :: RadioNome (Blowpipe)

Cover graphic/image by James Knapman.

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