Top releases of twenty-twelve

Well over 180 releases have been selected by various contributors highlighting some of the finest in an expansive array of electronic music featuring ambient, dub, bass, glitch, industrial, IDM, electro, synth and various other sonic contortions. Links to reviews as well as an iTunes audio player are also included below.

ALAN LOCKETT :: Top 15 Ambient/Drone
36 :: Lithea (3Six)
Alex Cobb :: Passage to Morning (Students of Decay)
David Sylvian & Stephan Mathieu :: Wandermüde (Samadhisound)
Drape :: An Idea and Its Map (Infraction)
En :: Already Gone (Students of Decay)
Erstlaub :: Marconi’s Shipwreck (Broken20)
Fescal :: Alchemical Wanderings (Time Released Sound)
Heathered Pearls :: Loyal (Ghostly International)
Ian Hawgood :: The Shattered Light (Komu)
Kane Ikin :: Sublunar (12k)
Kyle Bobby Dunn :: Bring Me The Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn (Low Point)
Lawrence English :: For/Not For John Cage (Line)
Pausal :: Forms (Barge)
Radere :: I’ll Make You Quiet (Futuresequence)
Thomas Köner :: Novaya Zemlya (Touch)

ALAN LOCKETT :: Top 15 Techno/Electronic
Austin Cesear :: Cruise Forever (Public Information)
Dino Sabatini :: Shaman’s Paths (Prologue)
Forward Strategy Group :: Labour Division (Perc Trax)
Kangding Ray :: The Pentaki Slopes EP (Raster-Noton)
Old Apparatus :: Trilogy of EPs [Alfur / Realise / Harem] (Sullen Tone)
Peter van Hoesen :: Perceiver (Time to Express)
Pye Corner Audio :: The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1&2 (Second Edition) (Type)
Recondite :: 4 x 12”s [Plangent #001 / #002 / #003 / #004] (Plangent)
Robert Hood :: Motor: Nighttime World 3 (Music Man)
Rrose :: 4 x 12”s [The Surgeon General / Merchant of Salt… / Wedge of Chastity] (Eaux)
Silent Harbour :: Silent Harbour (Echocord)
Silent Servant :: Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions)
S_w_z_k :: S_w_z_k (Tresor)
Terrence Dixon :: From the Far Future Part 2 (Tresor)
Voices from the Lake :: Voices from the Lake (Prologue)

CORY PERLA (Top 30) ::
AlunaGeorge :: You Know You Like It (Tri Angle)
Andrés :: New 4 U EP (La Vida)
Burial :: Kindred EP (Hyperdub)
Citizen :: Room Service EP (Love Fever)
Claro Intelecto :: Reform Club (Deslin)
Cooly G :: Playin Me (Hyperdub)
Daphni :: Jiaolong (Jiaolong)
Disclosure :: The Face EP (Greco-Roman)
Flying Lotus :: Until the Quiet Comes (Warp)
Four Tet :: Pink (Text)
Jacob Korn :: You & Me (Uncanny Valley)
Jam City :: Classical Curves (Night Slugs)
Jessie Ware :: Devotion (PMR, Island)
Jets :: Jets EP (Leisure System)
John Talabot :: ƒIN (Permanent Vacation)
Juju & Jordash :: Techno Primitivism (Dekmantel)
LHF :: Keepers of the Light (Keysound)
Lone :: Galaxy Garden (R&S)
Lorn :: Ask The Dust (Ninja Tune)
Luke Abbott :: Modern Driveway (Notown)
Lukid :: Lonely At The Top (Werkdiscs)
Mala :: Mala In Cuba (Brownswood)
Move D :: Hybrid Minds EP (Electric Minds)
Phèdre :: Phèdre (Daps)
Romare :: Meditations on Afrocentrism (Black Acre)
Session Victim :: The Haunted House of House (Delusions of Grandeur)
Squarepusher :: Ufabulum (Warp)
T. Williams :: Pain & Love EP (PMR)
Traxman :: Da Mind of Traxman (Planet Mu)
Untold :: Change In A Dynamic Environment EP 1-3 (Hemlock)

Andy Stott :: Luxury Problems (Modern Love)
Clubroot :: III – MMXII (Lo Dubs)
Holy Other :: Held (Tri Angle)
Jessie Ware :: Devotion (Island)
Scuba :: Personality (Hotflush)
Sean Byrd :: Always Was (Plastic Sound Supply)
The XX :: Coexist (Young Turks)
Tineidae :: Lights (Tympanik Audio)
Vladislav Delay :: Kuopio (Raster-Norton)

GUSTAVE SAVY (Top 13) ::
Dead Fader :: Work It, No (Robot Elephant)
Donny McCaslin :: Casting For Gravity (Greenleaf Music)
Eyelove :: Mysticism EP (Slime)
Gyu :: Supreme Being EP (Drawn)
I.D. :: Clipper (Bass Music)
KloudBreak :: Ghosts EP (Drawn)
Larvae :: Exit Strategy (Ad Noiseam)
Lund Quartet :: Lund Quartet (A Future Without)
Machine Gun Militia :: Rebel Assault EP (Ouvre)
Materia :: Komatite (Slime)
Rumah and Progression :: Chance Meeting (Nineteen89)
Solaference :: Lips Of Clay (Self-Released)

Andy Stott :: Luxury Problems (Modern Love)
Brambles :: Charcoal (Serein)
Brian Eno :: Lux (Warp)
Burial :: Truant / Rough Sleeper (Hyperdub)
Christian Cosmos :: The Sharp Lines That Delineate His Robes (Bed Of Nails)
Deepchord presents Echospace :: Silent World (Echospace [Detroit])
Demdike Stare :: Elemental (Modern Love)
Dictaphone :: Poems From A Rooftop (Sonic Pieces)
Discoverer :: Tunnels (Digitalis)
Jean Piché :: Heliograms (Digitalis)
Kettel & Secede :: When Can (Sending Orbs)
Kreng :: Works For Abattoir Fermé (Miasmah)
Norken + Deer :: Micro Don Juan (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Olan Mill :: Paths (Fac-Ture)
Perispirit :: Spiritual Church Movement (Digitalis)
Porter Ricks :: Biokinetics (Type)
Pye Corner Audio :: The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1&2 (Type)
Shackleton :: Music For The Quiet Hour… (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
Stephan Mathieu & David Sylvian :: Wandermüde (Samadhisound)
Sweet Billy Pilgrim :: Crown And Treaty (Luxor Purchase)
Variant :: Falling Stars (Echospace [Detroit])
Vatican Shadow :: September Cell EP (Bed Of Nails)
Vatican Shadow :: Kneel Before Religious Icons (Type)
Willits + Sakamoto :: Ancient Future (Ghostly International)
Yagya :: The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart (Kilk/Ultravybe)

JUS FORREST (Top 10) ::
AES Dana :: Pollen (Ultimae)
Autoclav1.1 :: Embark on Departure (Tympanik Audio)
Chris Payne :: Between Betjeman, Bach and Numan (Coverdrive)
ESA :: Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust (Tympanik Audio)
John Foxx & the Maths :: Evidence (Metamatic)
Rich Batsford :: Valentine Court (Mouflon Music)
Sin Cos Tan :: Sin Cos Tan (Solina/Sugarcane)
The Soft Moon :: Zeros (Captured Tracks)
Twins Natalia/Marsheaux :: Radial Emotion/When We Were Young (Anna Logue)
Ultravox :: Brilliant (EMI)

AES Dana :: Pollen (Ultimae)
Ametsub :: All is Silence (nothings66)
Asonat :: Love In Times Of Repetition (n5MD)
Bvdub :: All Is Forgiven (n5MD)
Connect.Ohm :: 9980 (Ultimae)
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill vs Umberto Echo :: Too Big To Fail (Echo Beach)
Fingers In The Noise ‎:: Sounds From The Moon (BineMusic)
Hibernation :: Second Nature (Interchill)
Hidden Orchestra :: Archipelago (Tru Thoughts)
Lights Out Asia :: Hy-Brasil (n5MD)
Marconi Union :: Different Colours (Just Music)
Metallic Taste Of Blood :: Metallic Taste Of Blood (RareNoiseRecords)
Naked Truth :: Ouroboros (RareNoiseRecords)
Nate Connelly :: Without EP (Aleph Zero)
Nedry :: In A Dim Light (Monotreme)
Ooze :: Dream Flash EP (Aleph Zero)
Scuba :: Personality (Hotflush)
Sean Byrd :: Always Was (Plastic Sound Supply)
Shulman :: ALive (Aleph Zero)
Steve Moore :: Light Echoes (Cuneiform)
The Invisible :: Rispah (Ninja Tune)
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters :: Underrated Silence (Bureau B)
Will Dutta :: Parergon (Just Music)

Altered:Carbon :: Questasian (Section 27)
Baby Kruger :: Selkie (Schematic Music Company)
Brendan Byrnes :: Micropangaea (Spectropol)
Brim Liski :: The Repetitions EP (Plastic Sound Supply) :: …At The End Of It All Remixed (Tympanik Audio)
Cain :: Gathering EP (Crackling Claps)
Crisopa :: Biodance (n5MD)
Datacrashrobot :: Dissasembler (Battery Park Studio)
David Ezra Brown :: David Ezra Brown EP (Bedroom Research)
Delete :: Predatory Things of a Minute (Mindtrick)
Displacer :: Foundation (Hymen)
Eomac :: Eomac EP (Acroplane)
FURS :: Anti-Node EP (Detroit Underground)
Gyu :: Supreme Being EP (Drawn)
He3dless :: Perspective Change EP (Mindtrick)
Ignatius :: Alexithymia EP (Buried In Time)
Johnny Jitters :: Closure EP (Aud-Art)
Khafru :: Mirrors Become Doors At Night EP (Loomis & Jones)
Mika Goedrijk :: Naked (Ant-Zen)
Mindbuffer :: PanFM Chapter 2 (Enig’matik)
NEV.ERA :: Acuario EP (Lovethechaos)
Roel Funcken :: Mercury Retrograde (Schematic Music Company)
Scanone :: Gangsta Riddim EP (Outside)
Semiomime :: Six Steps EP (Mindtrick)
Shit & Cheap :: Götterdämmerung EP (Shipwrec)
Skytree :: Sacred Singularity EP (Fractal Branch)
Ten And Tracer :: A Secret Is A Poisonous Snake (CARE/Konque)
The Forger :: Test EP (Flexidisc)
Tineidae :: Lights (Tympanik Audio)
Tomoroh Hidari :: The Black Star Variations (Laridae)
V/A :: Accretion (Tympanik Audio)
V/A :: Frag’mnts (Enig’matik)
V/A :: Moments of Inertia (The Centrifuge)
V/A :: New Caledonia (UNOIKI)
V/A :: Painting Pictures On Silence V2 (Enig’Matik)
V/A :: The Electro Compendium (Anti-Social Network)

Altres :: Archives (Dark Entries)
Camera Obscura :: Horizons of Suburbia (Anna Logue)
Chris Moss Acid :: Bay of Cadiz (030303)
FBK :: Antithesis (diametric.)
INHALT :: INHALT (Dark Entries)
Mark Foreshaw :: Atavism (Tabernacle)
Perseus Traxx / Aroy Dee :: Hope (Photic Fields)
Shawn O’Sullivan :: Free Flight (W.T.)
Sonar Base :: We Attack At Dawn (Cultivated Electronics)
Steve Moore :: Panther Moderns (Lies)
The Exaltics / Morphology :: The Exaltics Meets… (Solar One Music)
V/A :: Frogmania (Plastic Frog)
V/A :: The Expressions of Emotions in Man and Animals EP (
V/A :: Urbi et Orbi Vol III (Minimal Rome)
Vocoder :: Cuadro Sinóptico (Dark Entries)
Willie Burns :: Another Place, Another Time (Sequencias)

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Enjoy some of our top releases via the iTunes player:

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