Igloo Magazine is an electronic music e’zine publishing articles about current, classic and upcoming music from around the globe. Our mission is to introduce readers to the burgeoning undergrowth of electronic musicians by covering a wide range of genres including ambient, experimental, dub, dubstep, shoegaze, electro, techno, drone, IDM, industrial, post-industrial, and all the debris in between. Pulling together a vast tapestry of like-minded contributors, the virtual Igloo doors officially opened December of 2000. At first, Igloo Magazine’s focus was mainly on electronic music, but over the years, thanks to the colorful taste and adventurous spirit of its founders and contributors, it expanded into new realms of sonic discovery. Seeking to provide coverage for musicians creating left-of-center music that is not covered in general music media, Igloo Magazine publishes articles in the capacity of Newswires, Reviews, Features and Profiles for artists that wouldn’t normally receive the light of digital ink.

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Alan Lockett, Nocturnal Ghost, Philippe Blache, Robbie Geoghegan

Nocturnal Ghost

Andrew Danso, Andy Gillham, Bassitta Ray, Brian Banks, Chang Terhune, Elan Samuel, Eric Sorenson, Gabriel Weinstock, James Knapman, Leigh Bartlam, Owen Vince, Stephen Fruitman

Thomas Fang (Life Behind Glass)

Francesca Da Sacco

Adam Winfield, Alexander P. Wallis, Alex Gibson, Alex Vasilevskiy, Alyson Ghizzoni, Amelia Shackleford, Andrew Duke, Andrew Jones, Andy Whitaker, Annie Hollingsworth, Barry Handler, Bazooka Joe, Andrew Duke, Andrew Jones, Beats And Beyond, Ben Steed, Ben Thomas, Bill Davis, Brian Albers, Chad Harrison (Töshöklabs), Charlie Dorman, Chris Lindsey, Chris Bolszo, Chris Taylor, Christopher Mathieu, Chris Yunt, Chroniques électroniques, Corey H. Maass, Cory Perla, Craig HitchingsDaniel Miller, Darren Bergstein, David Ferguson, David O’Toole (Antarktika), David Parker, Erica R. Dixon, Fabrizio Cacciamali, Gerald Wenzel, Giancarlo Sandoval, Greg Dutcher, Gustave Savy, Jacob Arnold, Jericho Maxim, Jessica Wachtel, Joel Semchuck, John Reveles, Josh Bratton, Jus Forrest, Keith Baker, Kit Mauldin, Kristin Harrison, Laura Dawson, Lauren Howard, Leo Aboal, Linden Farrer, Load It, Check It, Luca Maini, Mark Teppo, Mat Propek, Matt Simpson, Mark Boyden, Michael Holland, Michael Upton, Mike F., Nate Harrison, Paul Lloyd, Pete Marshal, PJ Dorsey (S://kimo Music), R_Garcia, R. Daneel Olivaw, Ralph Wiggum, Richard Bailey, Robert Galbraith, Robert Geary, Robert Mazrim, Robert Prospect, Ron Croudy (Smartbomb.net), Sam Butler, Samuel Stackhouse, Sam Waks, Solange Deschatres, SelfText, Stefan Koopmanschap, Stephen Ruiz, Synctank, Tim Koch, TJ Norris, Travis Stewart, Victoria Goldenberg, Victoria Morehead, Vincent L Mattioli, Wes Roberts, Xxon Mill, Yoko Solo, Zimbo.

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