Duplex Projekt :: Given Vs. Ray Diode (dumpHuck, CD)

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(02.22.05) German operators, whispers, crunchy electronic feedback and other
assorted build-up make the drone worthy of volume on Given vs. Ray
. The Australian Council helped fund this gifted work of sound
art, and we are glad they did. Duplex Projekt are Tom Phillipson and
Adam Zielonka who just seem to weave something very high, very airy,
coasting above the clouds on “Every Hour of Daylight.” Sounds that
make you stare into a vortex of light unconsciously. There are many
repetitive passages, but, like half-hearted, broken memories, the
effect is isolating and terrifying. This is music of the soul,
drenched in thick, black cylindrical reverberations that cast
themselves larger than life-size. At times recalling the soundtrack
from Koyaaniqatsi (listen to “Gummersbach Zwei” and hear for
yourself). This is restless, non-verbal crooning, an emotional
stand-off of sorts. (4.5/5)

Given Vs. Ray Diode is out now on dumpHuck Records.

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