Release your ears 7.0 :: Daniel Brandt, Saagara, Hidden Orchestra

Three titles that are piquing our ears lately—it’s our attempt to point you to some notable releases worth investigating regardless of genre.

Our staff at continually sifts through a plethora of music in an effort to—at the very least—direct you to some interesting releases we may or may not have written about in full review format. Here are three titles that have been in rotation and that merit further exploration.

Daniel Brandt delivers eight compositions of mind-stirring esoterica; Waclaw Zimpel’s Indian orchestra, Saagara, generates electric world fusions; and, Joe Acheson’s Hidden Orchestra project reaches dazzling new heights with gradually built intense cinematic affairs.

Daniel Brandt :: Eternal Something (Erased Tapes)

Saagara :: 2 (Instant Classic)

Hidden Orchestra :: Dawn Chorus (Tru Thoughts)

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