Marconi Union :: Tokyo+ (Just Music)

Via Just Music, the British ultra-creative ambient outfit brings one of its more electronic-oriented outputs back to life coupled with a rich dessert in the form of a mesmerizing, cutting edge live performance.

Tokyo was originally released by BineMusic in 2009 and delivered a crafty minimalist ambient techno display. Tokyo+ is a double album containing the original release plus 4 extra tracks demonstrating freshly pulsating live reinterpretations for “Temperature Drop,” “Akihabara,” “Ginza District” and “Red Line 12am.”

“We don’t perform live very often, so Tokyo+ is a chance for our fans to hear not only up-dated versions of the Tokyo tracks, our present day take on its Hi-Tech Ambience, but also to hear us playing as a band.”MU

Tokyo+ is available as double CD and digitally on Just Music.

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