James Murray :: Ghostwalk EP Premiere (Ultimae)

British composer James Murray releases a new EP on Ultimae. Scroll down for an exclusive stream.

James Murray :: Ghostwalk EP Premiere (Ultimae)

James Murray, one of the most eccentric artists in the Ultimae roster, finally returns to the label, armed with Ghostwalk, his new EP, an amuse-bouche to his forthcoming sophomore album for Ultimae, Eyes to the Height, out later this year. His debut album, Where Edges Meet (Ultimae, 2008) is one the most peculiar and beautiful downtempo electronica gems in the Ultimae catalog, and we over here at Igloo Magazine can’t wait to get a taste of Eyes to the Height. Ghostwalk has certainly got us all worked up.

Press Release from Ultimae: “Catch a fresh glimpse of British composer James Murray’s sound with Ghostwalk, a haunting three track EP featuring remixes by Martin Nonstatic and French newcomers Kinosura. Deep bass grooves and delicate pads wrap and warp around shifting, melancholic melodies – a spectral premonition of Eyes to the Height, the full length album coming on Ultimae Records later this year.”

Ghostwalk is available for pre-ordering on Ultimae. Release date: September 22.

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