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“After many years of playing with all sorts of gadgets and effects, I was kind of tired twiddling knobs to make music. I wanted to concentrate on our instruments and try to produce new sounds just by using our hands and imagination.” (Stephan Thelen) Less is more Sonar is a well-oiled machine. A dynamic living […]

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Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati :: Twinscapes (RareNoise)

A heady, bizarre sonic brew in which ego is not a factor and dialogue and interaction are key elements. Porcupine Tree albums take up a large space on one of my CD shelves, so I’m quite familiar with Colin Edwin’s work, and quite fond of it as well. I also quite like Metallic Taste Of […]

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Sonar :: Static Motion (Cuneiform)

Static Motion bewitches with unique sonic rituals that beautifully combine mystery and power. This is simply captivating music by four skillful guys who think outside of the box and defy classification. Sonar‘s sound architecture is complex and raw, but very rewarding to the attentive ear. It strikes with surgical precision and is full of young […]

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