Riverz End :: Possible (Lagunamuch/Peace Tech., MP3)

1551 image 1(05.11.07) Lagunamuch are fast becoming a high quality stable for Russian electronica, this free release is no exception. Yes, Possible is a FREE mp3 download and I suggest you stop reading this right now and download it and start listening… I’m serious… Stop reading and get it here. Downloaded it yet? No? Well do it!

If you’re still scared then I’ll go into more detail. Possible is a collection of thick, spacious ambient and yet detailed electronica. If you’ve got it and are reading this review then skip to “Fresh Wound.” Not because “Other Dream” is bad, it isn’t. But “Fresh Wound” is where things really start to kick off. Just listen to that grainy crunchy percussion and after a while an over-driven lead, like creamy sugar for your ears, kicks in and it just… satisfies, you know. Like a hearty meal or a great book.

But that isn’t all. The detailed little digital blurts on “Magenta Violence” are fabulous and tingle your ears in just the right way, the throbbing ambience of the title track, the saxophone on “Prospekt,” the huge staccato of “Skyhole,” the list of things that impress go on and I could go on for ever. However I won’t as I am deeply aware that some of you won’t have downloaded this yet and the thought of my words slowing you down from downloading this, honestly, brilliant release makes me a little sad.

This is a supreme release and if it cost money it’d be a recommended purchase, as it happens to be a free download then you’re a fool if you don’t grab it immediately.

Possible is out now on Lagunamuch Community. [Download]

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