V/A :: Moments Of Intertia (The Centrifuge)

The Centrifuge kick off their 5th birthday celebrations in style with Moments of Inertia—a superb free download featuring myriad artists and styles across its 17 tracks.

[Release page] A host of acts have contributed original and engaging tracks with Mathew Collins opening things with a building vocal based oddity. Roel Funcken follows and cranks up the atmospheric glitch on “Gallice” whilst BJ Cole and Myoptik sync pedal steel guitar and obscure bursts of sonic funk on the excellently deranged “Polystyrene Funq.” Echaskech deliver an epic widescreen melodic synth head nodder whilst Rival Consoles gets angry with those moog octave switches on “Sebastian.” Later we find Eutechnik explore some rather wonderful melodic IDM outposts on “Alex Makes It Good” whilst Prima Mater deliver unnerving acoustic drone style interpretations followed by Micro Magnani and Stella Veloce getting avant garde experimental with string and analogue equipment abuse on “Errors and Fatality Part 1″—quite nice! Moments Of Intertia is an engaging collection of music taking in both the odder and accessible sides of the sonic spectrum—fine work from The Centrifuge for taking the time to put this together for our listening pleasure. As this is the first part of three we’re very much looking forward to further installments.

Moments Of Intertia is available on The Centrifuge. [Release page]

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