A WINTER TRANSMISSION :: Scann-Tec, Marconi Union, AES Dana feat. Miktek, Hoshin,Tortusa

Soon the autumn ghosts will start creeping in and winter will follow. Time to arm ourselves with some suitable, mysterious caressing sounds.


Scann-Tec :: Unyt (Ultimae)

The Russian producer Vladislav Isaev (a.k.a. Scann-Tec), returns to the influential French purveyor of ambient, downtempo electronica and progressive trance, but this time with a full-length album. Any Ultimae fan should be familiar with his work on the label: tracks on compilations such as Fahrenheit Project and Oxycanta III. In 2010 he also released an album on the now inactive Celestial Dragon label. He is known for his trance-infused downtempo sound, but Unyt demonstrates a complete transformation in sound and style. The textures are richer and deeper, the beat construction is much more complex and the flow is just more assertive. You can feel the heart and soul of Isaev pouring out of every track. Unyt is a highly original and refreshing piece of downtempo electronica that should be a part of every eclectic collection of electronic music.

Marconi Union :: Ghost Stations (Just Music)

The English trio never ceases to surprise. “We want people to hear Ghost Stations and say ‘What the f**k is that’ either in a good or bad way!” Over here it’s definitely in a good way. Once again MU manages to reinvent itself without losing the unique magic that turned it into one of the most beloved and fascinating ambient outfits among avid new sonic worlds seekers across the globe. For Ghost Stations MU took its sound and style to a new sonic plane. Collaborations with trumpeter Giorgio Li Calzi and Digitonal’s Andy Dobson on clarinet add another dimension to the music. Jazz-infused ambient and electronica merge into a cohesive, deep atmospheric journey only MU can provide.

AES Dana feat. Miktek :: Far & Off (Ultimae)

Label honcho Vincent Villuis (a.k.a. AES Dana) and his sonically kindred spirit Mihalis Aikaterinis (a.k.a. Miktek) join forces. Far & Off CD gathers the tracks from the 3 vinyl/ digital EPs: Cut., Alkaline and The Unexpected Hours and includes some new material as well. Hypnotic, sharp, dark IDM-ish sound design pulses powerfully with luminous mystery and soft melancholy and slowly but surely takes hold of the listener. A glitchy, penetrating world of sound crafted by two talented creative minds at the top of their game.

Hoshin :: Path of Dissolutions (Cryo Chamber)

Lush, atmospheric drone surges ebb and flow smoothly while field recordings echo, chime and splash gently all around. Belgium’s Xavier H (a.k.a. Hoshin) adorns the Cryo Chamber catalog with a soothing yet powerful work that warms the heart, arouses the mind and loosens up the muscles. Dreamy, but not sleepy, not too dark or too sweet, a beautifully balanced and crystallized album that moves and enchant with a spacey cinematic glow.

Tortusa :: I know this Place—The Eivind Aarset Collages (Jazzland)

Norwegian-American electronic musician and composer John Derek Bishop (a.k.a. Tortusa) delivers an emotionally charged and atmospherically spellbinding work that cunningly utilizes samples from the catalog of renowned, eccentric Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset on Jazzland Recordings. Peculiar, addictive ambient electronica full of nuance and electricity. Highly picturesque and dynamic from start to finish. Deep, cutting edge and intricate yet warm and inviting.

Feature image by Erik Osvald (a.k.a. Keosz).

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