Alex Ketzer :: Video Premiere of ‘Marianne Brandt’ (Noorden)

Igloo Magazine is proud to premiere a new track and video release from Alex Ketzer.

Not content with working as a respected designer for the Noorden label, Alex Ketzer also proves a huge musical talent with incoming album Marianne Brandt on the same label. Leaning on Bauhaus schooled artist Brandt for inspiration, Ketzer takes the project one step further by recording many of the pieces within Brandt’s former Prellerhaus studio in the Bauhaus school itself in Dessau, Germany.

The results are a varied and rich interpolation of warm, dusty electronics and emotive melodies—operating somewhere in a twilight world between a bewitched Christian Loffler and earthy Border Community output underpinned by distant dance floor mnemonics.

Marianne Brandt is out on February 23d with more detail on that here. Until then feast your ears and eyes on “Marianne Brandt.”

Learn more about this release here.

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