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Chaperone mix :: Music inspired by train travel (Rail Cables)

Chaperone recently provided Igloo with an exclusive promotional mix created especially for the Rail Cables Series featuring music from Tangerine Dream, Rice Twins, Hot Guts, B.Fleischmann and others. On the 7th of August Rail Cables are releasing a cassette featuring new music from long serving Warp Records experimentalist Mira Calix, Newcastle Drums and electronics newcomers […]

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Mimetic :: Where We Will Never Go (Hymen)

While on the outside one might consider Where We Will Never Go as a darkened electronic mesh of styles, it also contains sublime textures that weave into and out of focus throughout. Mimetic formulates Where We Will Never Go with a subdued fury. A wash of bass, industrial, analog synths, crackling rhythms and aggressive percussion make for […]

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