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x.y.r. :: Labyrinth (Not Not Fun)

But topography, albeit figuratively, still figures as Labyrinth‘s decaying synth and faded sonorities eponymously model meandering inner zones with ‘six misty, mystic chambers of dreams, drones, delirium, and phased percussion, spiraling in slow, sacred arcs.’  On Labyrinth, his vinyl debut for LA Exotic Moods Enhancers Not Not Fun, retro-futurist synth seer x.y.r. ‘coaxes hushed auras of keys, metronomes, […]

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Boards Of Canada Remix Odd Nosdam’s Sisters

Berkeley beat broker Odd Nosdam’s Sisters just dropped, prompting Boards of Canada to post a remix of the title track (below). The Odd Couple and Odd ‘dam have exchanged before, he with a rework of their “Dayvan Cowboy,” they with a rethink of his then project cLOUDDEAD‘s “Dead Dogs Two.” Sisters sees the Anticon co-founder, long-esteemed in underground beats circles, scoping a vein of […]

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x.y.r. :: Mental Journey To B.C. (Not Not Fun)

Vladimir Karpov floats fetid Formanta-mini (‘vintage Soviet keytar‘) loops and neo-vaporwave wibble over soft primitivist machine rhythms backlit with a mezzotint of remote insect drone and fictive field sounds. The usual paradigm for retro-lounge fantasist x.y.r. (‘Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja’*) is one of illusory worlds–be it lost cities of gold (El Dorado), polar oblivion (Arktika), or […]

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