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V/A :: Fields (Kahvi Collective)

Continuing to unwrap streams of mind-boggling musical detail across several electronic music genres, Fields is a sonic smorgasbord that doesn’t let up. It goes without question that 2016 yielded, at least for me, an abundance of prime, large-scale compilations—Crazy 10 Years A/V, Sectioned v6.0, Frequencies Of The Mind III, Silicate Recursions, and Touched 3—to name a few. One […]

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V/A :: Crazy Compilation #5 (Crazy Language)

Crazy Language are on the forefront of manifesting their unusually attractive sonic shapes that it’s no wonder artists like Yvat, Rec_Overflow, Randomform, AZ-Rotator, Lucidstatic (and many others) are more than willing to dive-in and become part of this thick interwoven fabric of sound and vision. Approximately two and a half hours are available as a […]

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