Posthuman :: Back to Acid (Balkan Vinyl)

Acid loving Posthuman serve up a 12 track digital album packed to the gills with 303 drenched club workouts.

Posthuman :: Back to Acid (Balkan Vinyl)

The versatility of the 303 as a dance floor weapon never fails to surprise. By pure chance, those 1980s Roland engineers somehow harnessed a worm like machine funk that could be programmed in multiple formations and still come across as fascinating rather than staid over three decades later. Posthuman have, without doubt, been partly responsible for the sound’s recent revival, doggedly producing 303 based music way before the sound poked its head out of the underground and into the record bags of major circuit jocks. Alongside this, Josh from Posthuman‘s I Love Acid club night has produced some of the most up for it, brilliant crowd atmospheres this jaded clubber has enjoyed for a long time—not to mention their ridiculous Bloc Festival Sunday night take over which brought tears of joy to many an old raver’s eyes.

Back to Acid compiles a selection of previously vinyl only rarities and unheard mixes—showcasing that unique deep Posthuman sound combining Detroit, Chicago, old-skool rave, snatches of dislocated vocal samples, hints of IDM and lashings of dance floor wrecking acid. Posthuman‘s knack for oddball catchy hook is key to many of these tracks, not unlike fellow acidic colleagues Paranoid London—both being adept at keeping things warehouse party ready yet strangely recognizable. Things commence straight off the bat with the sweat box reeking “Back to Acid,” channeling Phuture’s guttural vocal intonations and punchy tom tom percussion. “Belepherion” traces a softer edged route with pads and choir sounds framing a slow tempo head-nodder punctured by 303 squelch. The album’s midsection showcases some deft acidic programming skills, in particular on “Don’t Rush” and “Mezzotint” but it’s tracks like “Company Man” where Posthuman really excel—throwing down old-skool rave hits across jacking fist pumping inducing beats.

Guaranteed rave smiles all round!

Back to Acid is available on Balkan Vinyl.

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