Plaster :: Nemesis EP (Touchin’ Bass)

An absolute killer EP on Andrea Parker’s Touchin’ Bass label from Italian duo Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini—otherwise known as Plaster.

“Walking on Deodron” and “Alight to the Earth” take in an other worldly slow motion breaks / electro fusion coupled with some really sweet sound design. Attitude laden and dark in atmosphere, these tracks sound like they’ve been beamed in from the kind of futuristic dance floor you’ll struggle to drag yourself away from. For the older heads—you might feel a few pretty trancey sounds in there. Not the bad stuff I hasten to add—the good stuff that befuddled your mind yet this time it’s thrown through a modernistic prism of deep production techniques…and is much much slower.

“Signals From a Gold Sky” ups the tempo and inhabits cold technoid 4/4 spaces with low Senking-like synth belches. Again, the production is sharp with all kinds of subtle effects and percussion providing appropriate tension throughout. “Reflex in the Gloom” heightens the overall severity factor whilst conjuring up images of desolate monochromatic worlds and is all the more enjoyable for it.

Heavy duty pressure across all four tracks that will have you greedily reaching to turn up the volume. Do investigate.

Nemesis is available on Touchin’ Bass.

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