Phoenix York :: Godspeed Phuong (Buried Standing)

Fans of mysterious, nuanced and delicately sounding melodic ambient music will find here a little classic.

With Godspeed Phuong, the Canadian Phoenix York offers a great artistic achievement in the world of deep-organic ambient music. The music consists of spaced-out aural soundscapes made of enveloping-majestic synthesized patterns, various micro-sound structures and echoing then detached minimalist guitar motifs. Deeply meditative, introspective and evocatively immersive, each piece invites the listener to an infinite journey along sinuously cerebral sounding waves.

Densely environmental, beautifully sculpted and carefully designed the sound textures are punctuated by ambiguous micro-changes which gives to the ensemble a particular connotation. The sonic patterns, electronic inflected continuums and empirical approach based on instrumental sections remind me of Eno’s alluring experiments in his ambient series (especially On Land because of its naturalistic-ritual energy and Kite Stories), Harold Budd’s peacefully moving soundscapes and David Sylvian & Holger Czukay’s adventurous dreamscapes. Godspeed Phuong appears to be a relatively abstract and conceptual minimal ambient release but efficiently combined with melodic lines and soulfully playing instrumental vibes. Slowly shifting, each track emphasizes the idea of a sonic sounding tapestry. The intertwined musical elements and the compositional vitality around timbral experiments make the originality of the album which can be situated between aesthetic sensibilities expressed by event-music, discreet music (ambient related) and electroacoustic innovative sound excursions.

Godspeed Phuong is an efficient and constantly pleasant ambient release. Recommended home listening experience during the reflective pre-dream phase. An essential sounding vehicle to inner dialogues. Fans of mysterious, nuanced and delicately sounding melodic ambient music will find here a little classic.

Godspeed Phuong is available on Buried Standing.

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    Quietus is really wonderful. I’m buying.

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