Cebec :: Strome (Self Release)

Very addictive, weirdly dreamy and powerfully droney.

Cebec is the minimal ambient-noise project of the sound designer Matthew Carpenter, from the United States. This musical entity had been active for more than five years now and had published four albums as digital edition. As for previous efforts, the whole album is very addictive, weirdly dreamy and powerfully droney. The self-titled track is an ambiguous and plastic-like neuro-soundscaping noise manifest with a focus on sinuous waves and amorphous distortion. “CME receptors” shows a more otherworldly facet with sustained synthesized patterns punctuated by natural microsounds and processed noises.

Apex of lysergic intrusive moments are obtained in the spiraling “Cremape” and in the sci-fi like “Emptied Exchanger.” With their fuzzed-out and frenzy buzzing sequences, “Head ESD,” “Tontine Gammon” and “Semidomestic” approach contemporary kraut-dronescaping territory (Expo 70s) and some minimal sounding guitar noise of Tim Hecker. A rather radical, abstract and cyber-noise drone effort with some really adventurous and catchy moments. “Mossbunker” closes the album with a densely dark and intoxicating drone shimmer.

To sum up things Strome is a dynamic and sonic sounding journey that will ravish fans of free-noisy drone textures from Maurizio Bianchi (at its creepiest and industrial electronic moments), Merzbow, Daniel Menche and the monolithic compact minimalism paintings of Phill Niblock. Recommended.

Strome is available on Bandcamp.

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