Andrew Weatherall :: The Bullet Catcher's Apprentice (Rotters Golf Club, CD/LP)

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(02.12.07) It’s indeed hard to believe, but this is the first Andrew Weatherall solo release, after years spent with Sabres Of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, several other projects with Keith Tenniswood / Radioactive Man, remixing, DJ’ing and producing rock bands, most notably Primal Scream. While I was not able to understand the last Two Lone Swordsmen record, because I don’t know anything about prog rock or any other influences the duo were revisiting, in this EP electro and rock are blended together in a catchy handful of tunes, ready to be enjoyed by anyone.

“Feathers” brings the funk with a gritty live bassline and infectious guitar riffs, the beat is crisp too and there’s only a hint of synthetic sound with some cold pads in background that recall 2LS. “You Can’t Do Disco Without A Strat” is quite self explaining, it’s a 70’s influenced disco tune with a verse featuring a tubular bass and creepy lyrics by Andrew himself (I suppose), while the chorus starts the party with feasting girls (a bit too happy) and mellow guitar; the following “La Sirena” (“The Mermaid” in Italian) turns towards the electro side, there’s a two step beat in pure Detroit style, all the drums are cold and glitchy as you can expect from a 2LS member, the bass is vibrant and ominous with only some other riffs that bring a human touch. Finally “Edie Eleven” is an underwater four-to-the-floor affair, with muffled bass, elastic beat and this time even the Balearic guitar sounds alien and melancholic. There’s also a Repeat/Repeat remix of “You Can’t Do Disco,” that is drained and spoiled of all the catchy elements of the original and sounds much more like a stripped down version of some Tiny Reminders tracks: not bad, but maybe a bit out of place here.

All in all an excellent EP, featuring a dancefloor smasher for any situation, whether you’re doing a disco, minimal, or electro set you’ll find something that fits in.

The Bullet Catcher’s Apprentice is out now on Rotters Golf Club. Buy it at

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