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Valcrond Video :: Stepping into the vortex with Luke Wyatt

The biases and preconceptions of 4/4 beats and a groove are melted and mutated with ambient, field recording and even indie in oblong moulds of house and techno. One thing is for sure, Valcrond Vide is doing something that few others are attempting and once it arrives on your platters, as it has on mine, it’ll […]

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L.I.E.S. sees house in the past, present and future

The 303 rawness of the past house masters is present, the depth of Theo Parrish is here as well as the unapologetic grit of modern Jak. Fair play to Ron Morelli and the L.I.E.S. team, one year down and already blazing a serious trail. What is in a name? Not much, but it can help. […]

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