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Sceptre Fretpen :: PLUGH (Sparkwood)

PLUGH carefully unwraps (these) introspective, nuanced and alluring downtempo/ambient flurries. A soundtrack haven for questioning souls on this circular cosmic spot. Delve into electrical fields and majestic strings, distilled beats and soft rhythms, PLUGH from Sceptre Fretpen at the helm. Somewhere between calm guitar flicks and downtempo streams, “Thin Abyss” elicits all that is tranquil and fluid in […]

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Understated Theory :: Critical Drift EP (Sparkwood)

Understated Theory’s 2015 EP, Critical Drift, is another example of the fine ears on the folks at Sparkwood Records. Must be something special about the Norwegian cold. Understated Theory’s 2015 EP, Critical Drift, is another example of the fine ears on the folks at Sparkwood Records. Must be something special about the Norwegian cold. At […]

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Everyday Dust :: The Green Decay (Sparkwood)

Combining outdoor recordings with retro synths and epic chord progressions, The Green Decay is an homage to the sounds of the 80s and horror fiction that eschews cheesiness and revels in the rush of terror. The album is delicious. Just like The Principality of Dustland, it yearns for stories to be told alongside it. Nearly two years […]

read more :: Slowly Comes the Morning (Sparkwood)

Seasoned in wildwood, an intimate mingling of cozy indoors and stirring outdoors. Right off the top, a soft, downward swoop that could be the air beneath the wings of a short-eared owl, gliding down the fell in full daylight, quartering off the moorland. As, Colin Crighton is said to have previously made “deep, swampy music inspired […]

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Above, Convenience Store! Out of Norway, via Los Angeles

A multi-dimensional four-move set with a well sequenced dynamic. For film fans and watchers of the margins of pop culture, Above, Convenience Store! will evoke a cult-classic scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me—a Lynchian scene of typically cryptic clues and riddles set in the eponymous location, and not a Norwegian electronic/ambient drone project. However, […]

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Igloo Magazine :: Best of 2015

So here it is—from ambient drone to post-rock, jazz and modern classical, from IDM to experimental to post-digital microsound; hallucinatory electronics to experimental soundscapery, candy-color post-kosmische to alien noise, intergalactic techno to post-hardcore mayhem and broken bass music, these are igloomag’s picks for the year… Sherpas to your questing climbers 2015: a year of listening, […]

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Everyday Dust :: Multā Nocte / Combinatio Nova (Sparkwood)

Everyday Dust appears to be working on a Dustworks series, the first two EPs of which were released in mid-May. Multā Nocte and Combinatio Nova exemplify what I consider to be Dust’s trademark sound: far-stretching synth noise that borders on wind, and somehow sounds like a distant sandstorm in a sweltering midsummer while simultaneously sounding […]

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Scyye :: From EP (Sparkwood)

With only 6 tracks, From showcases Scyye’s variability as a musician, his fantastic skill on the piano, and the emotional nuance involved in creating his music. Norway’s Sparkwood Records, from whence came the brilliant Principality of Dustland by Everyday Dust, is home to a group of similar artists, who play with etherial darkness, ominous noise, and […]

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Igloo Magazine :: Best of 2014

Here it is, well over 160 releases have been selected by various contributors highlighting some of the finest in an expansive array of music featuring ambient, dub, bass, glitch, industrial, IDM, electronica, synth, jazz, modern classical, experimental and various other sonic contortions. Links to reviews, a Soundcloud player, and a slideshow randomly displaying some […]

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Everyday Dust :: The Principality of Dustland (Sparkwood)

Everyday Dust has achieved a record replete with stimulating visuals, haunting quality, and lasting impact. I have listened to Everyday Dust’s The Principality of Dustland somewhere in the vicinity of 40 times now, and find myself still at somewhat of a loss on how to go about describing this album besides saying that I absolutely love it. […]

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