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ALAN LOCKETT :: Slings the Wooze Renewed mix

2016! Reeling from The Shock of the New, Igloo’s Wooze-slinger Alan Lockett (aka Mist-maxer albient) is moved to review and renew (or take refuge, depending on the view…) Revisiting the sound+vision of Slings the Wooze and Slings the Wooze Anew, with a score or more clips of stunned ambience, hypnagogue drone and aether tone, in […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Slings the Wooze Anew mix

Revisiting the sound and vision of Slings The Wooze, Igloo’s Alan Lockett, aka Mist-maxer albient, Slings the Wooze Anew with more than a score of exponents of blurred ambience, FX-drenched drone and electronic aethers new, renewed, and re-viewed, strung into wondrous wooze—all but opening keynote throwback-bite fresh from this year and last. Artists: 36, Alva Noto, Benoît […]

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