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Crisopa :: Transhumante (Self-Released)

Crisopa eschews solemn, melancholic, and instrumental streams of colorful sound. Lively and draped in emotively calm layers. In late January 2017, Crisopa (aka Madrid-based Santiago Lizón) took a splinter break from n5MD and released Transhumante, an extended 7-track digital album. His previous two titles on n5MD were vibrant shoegaze-electronics etched with fuzzy melodic treasures that still echo to this day. With […]

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Crisopa :: A Lucid Dream Kit (n5MD)

An adept rhythm and sound-smith, Crisopa has added a more vivid melodic voice and greater grain. A decade ago igloomag followers’ pulses will have quickened to hear of ‘perfect generically-engineered output from a hypothesized ‘IDM’ buzz sound generator […] a throwing together of all those textural and architectural features characteristic of the sub-genre: slightly melancholic reminiscent melodies, […]

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