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Nickolas Mohanna :: Chroma (Karlrecords)

Chroma illustrates a disjointed 8-pc sonic tapestry, one that is sewn together by extraterrestrial acoustics making for a perplexing experience. Fuzzy, abstract and discordant noises are on display with Nickolas Mahonna‘s Chroma. All manner of sound, from broken piano keys, sheared voices, turbulent shoegaze, and dense field recordings seem to float by within the shadows. A visceral […]

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Nickolas Mohanna :: Parallax View (Low Point)

Filled with even more densely layered electronics, ambient drone, and fractal samples. A rich and tightly focused experiment in modular analogue synths, ambient drone and complex, sometimes jarring, always intriguing textures. With Parallax View, the Brooklyn-based musician and artist Nickolas Mohanna has produced a deeply textured and complexly layered fusion of sounds and samples. Building on […]

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