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Doing the rounds with 3.14 :: Pi Electronics (Interview and Mix)

Aegean Electronics is growing, soaking up the talent and enthusiasm centred around Athens. Labels such as Echovolt, Vanila and Lower Parts, artists like June, Morah and Damcase, as well as platforms like Phormix, are carving out their own territory in the competitive arena that is the hearts and minds of the faithful. Pi Electronics is […]

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High on KRAKE

KRAKE 2015 takes place from August 3rd-9th, ranging across Berlin with arts and culture events at Urban Spree and Berghain Kan­tine, heaviest live doses to be caught at Suicide Circus with. Since 2010 inception KRAKE has brought to Berlin some of the best known acts in the vanguard and at the margins of electronica–Mika Vainio, Mono­lake and Mur­cof, to […]

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