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Jean-Claude Éloy :: Le minuit de la foi / The Midnight of The Faith (Hors Territoire)

Eloy proffers an array of dampened, eerie sounds, like a great digestive system. The belly of the beast? Although arising only momentarily, the denouement almost sounds triumphal. Jean-Claude Eloy (b. 1938) is an atheist who roams the planet in search of holiness. Le Minuit de la Foi/The Midnight of the Faith was inspired by the life and fate […]

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JEAN-CLAUDE ELOY :: 4View (Hors Territoires)

Jean-Claude Eloy (b. 1938) is the greatest composer of the past half-century I never heard of. A profound engagement with the Japanese Gagaku orchestra—imperial courtly music—combined with lengthy schooling in the complexity of European modernism has given birth to a style that is all the Frenchman’s own. [February—2012] Jean-Claude Eloy (b. 1938) is the greatest […]

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