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Igloo Magazine :: Best of 2017

In 2017 Igloo Magazine celebrated seventeen years of online presence covering several hundred releases from creative musicians around the globe this year alone. Our dedicated contributors continue to cull the finest musical fragments from a variety of genres, and we’ve pooled together a rather large selection of music that traversed higher ground. Here are the […]

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Elsewhereness revisited #6 here come the warm jest

Elsewhereness revisited is an occasional feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambient gasbagging, tube-d, cloud-ed, and camp-ed up, complete with companion mix, Elsewhereness revisited #6.  Serving suggestions for lovers of electronic pioneers, or in this case those carrying on the torch, and for hand-finish fanciers: Agri Montana (Café Kaput) is inspired by Alpine landscapes, and, you’d’ve thought, […]

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Dalham :: Waves (Public House Recordings)

Via a variant of woozy tape-saturated electronica that’s at once caustic and caressing, it boldly blurs signifiers of new brutalism and beautiful places. News of a new release whose mix of sci-fi and blue-skied synth is sure to win hearts and minds of Boards and Ghost Box buffs alike. Newcomer Dalham‘s Waves shares both those artists’ musico-cultural coordinates, and likemind hauntology—along with […]

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