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Bauri :: Vinkelvolten EP (Firescope)

A sound that many have forgotten but one that deserves to be heard, a style that had little pretense and would inspire modern acts like Kettel or EOD. Firescope gazing back to find Bauri at his vintage best. Nostalgia can be dangerous. The swoon for the past, candied memories of a bygone time. Nostalgia is […]

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FireScope :: Born from the heart of B12, an interview with Steven Rutter

Talking to Steven Rutter, we discussed the decision to set up the new platform. This “singular vision” is without his age old partner in crime, Mike Golding, and “out of respect for him” the “choice was to start something fresh and free.” Peru. Not a place known as a hotbed of electronic music, but it’s […]

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B12 :: Orbiting Souls (Delsin)

Orbiting Souls vividly recalls that mid-nineties period when B12 were in their element whilst also sounding classically timeless, perhaps even more so than some of their earlier work. There’s no denying the pivotal role Mike Golding and Steve Rutter’s B12 label and moniker played in the development of the UK’s early electronica, techno and IDM […]

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