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Earthen Sea :: An Act of Love (Kranky)

Rather than just relying on echoed synth stabs or reverb-drenched reggae samples, the Earthen Sea variety of dub builds from a foundation of sustained, morphing drones and swells. I was at work, fighting back the email threatening to take over my life like electronic kudzu, when the promo pack for Jacob Long’s next release as […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Dalliance #10 mix

Dalliance #10 is a Techno mix from igloomag Contributing Editor Alan Lockett in MistMaxer albient guise—latest in a continuing series of audio-snapshots soundtracking his notes in the margins of Techno’s Outer Limits (March 2015 installment). Including: Acronym, Alderaan, Alessio Pili, Annie Hall, Birth Of Frequency, Claudio PRC & Ness (TGP), Coldgeist, D.A.R.F.D.H.S., Deepbass, Dino Sabatini, Earthen Sea, Elle, Ink, Kangding […]

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TAPE :: Transmissions 2

Ah. The humble cassette tape. For some it’s been consigned to the history books of defunct formats, for others it’s the medium of choice to provide unique musical artifact keepsakes at reasonable cost without the faff and expense of pressing plants and distribution. Time for further excursions into the world of ferric oxide and chromium […]

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