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Qnete :: Clapping The Soles of Your Feet (Drowned)

A record that showcases Qnete’s talent but one where more scope would have been welcomed. From time to time an artist comes along who, due to a number of reasons, might have mass appeal. In electronic the idea of “mass appeal” is a little bit of an oxymoron, let’s say an artist who can appeal […]

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V/A :: Echt Walle Traxx | Lem/Tobs :: Double Portrait (Drowned)

The crew of Drowned definitely lean towards the darker edges of the dancefloor. An elbow, followed by a shoulder and then a shove is how the Bremen lads meet the club, don’t forget a fair bit of thump in there too. An enviable seam of talent underpins the Bremen electronic scene. Drowned and ZCKR have […]

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DROWNED RECORDS :: From Bremen with bite

Drowned Records has some similar characteristics to ZCKR. Both labels have released music from Qnete, a homegrown talent with a penchant for raw and thumping electronics, and both like to turn their attention to the idea of local artists. I don’t know much about Bremen. I know where it is, North Germany. It’s a sizable […]

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