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x.y.r. :: Labyrinth (Not Not Fun)

But topography, albeit figuratively, still figures as Labyrinth‘s decaying synth and faded sonorities eponymously model meandering inner zones with ‘six misty, mystic chambers of dreams, drones, delirium, and phased percussion, spiraling in slow, sacred arcs.’  On Labyrinth, his vinyl debut for LA Exotic Moods Enhancers Not Not Fun, retro-futurist synth seer x.y.r. ‘coaxes hushed auras of keys, metronomes, […]

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L’eoscombu Couti :: Five Cambridge Utilities (Constellation Tatsu)

A fabulous set of heavy-lid hypnagogue ambient drone drift. It’s not long since Constellation Tatsu‘s Winter Batch, which included the lovely likes of Chihei Hatakeyama’s You’re Still In It and Havenaire’s Tremolo. That tape hiss happiness abounds at the margins is down to the likes of Oakland’s self-styled ‘adventurous with spiritual artistic sensibilities’ cassette specialist. Rude health is in continued evidence in its just-in Spring batch, […]

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Sand Circles :: Motor City / Motor City Remixes (Posh Isolation)

Overall, a midnight feast of pad wash and beat clunk indulgence with enough wow, flutter and tape hiss to make an old ’80s Dolby-hater happy. Sand Circles‘ Motor City gets a reissue courtesy of Posh Isolation, the Copenhagen blog-turned-label curated by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek (aka Damien Dubrovnik, cf. Lust For Youth). Kudos to LA’s Not Not Fun (cassette, […]

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