SND :: Systems Medley (City Centre Offices)

CCO’s 7″ series, I find, have the problem of an outstanding line-up of talent, but only mediocre releases. While their releases are generally entertaining, they are never stand-out pieces for the artists. This is a trend I believe has continued with this 7″.

45 image 1
The A side features 2 tracks of drone/glitch type tracks. If looking for a popular comparison, picture Pole w/o the dub elements, or Sierro Romeo w/o the melodies. These tracks would probably stand well in a mix, but neither are particularly memorable here. The B side features 8 lock grooves, only 2 of which can hold my attention for any length of time.
All this having been said, I do look forward to hearing other material from snd. As w/Arovane and the Suction boys, their CCO material was my first exposure, and subsequent releases I heard were quite pleasing.

So perhaps CCO’s role w/the 7″ series will be to continue to bring attention to deserving artists, even if it is through unspectacular releases.

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