Richard Devine :: Asect:Dsect (Schematic/Asphodel)

495 image 1 Richard Devine’s view of the night sky is infested with dotted electrical debris that sends coded responses to extraterrestrial beings outside this circular cosmic spot. The Asect:Dsect listening experience is ever so gratifying that time shifts, space rotates, and this album instantly becomes the vehicle to move you into another time-zone. This time around we’re referencing Schematic Records’ latest subconscious incision with the release of Devine’s third (and aggressively intact) full-length, Asect:Dsect.

Raising the bar even higher than Lipswitch and Aleamapper, Devine somehow scrapes metallic chunks of bass on most of Asect:Dsect while the remaining components casually drift into a serene skyline. Motivating the senses in a way that baffles the mind, beats are precisely carved and tossed around with an outer-shell of post-industrial chemicals. Never failing to highlight the use of his home-built analog synths and acute attention to detail, Asect:Dsect is a living, breathing entity that shuffles digital extremes with rolling bass-lines, tortured tweaks, and a pulse that is sincerely appreciated at high volumes. It’s also made up of densely packed electronic noise with precise rhythms that crumble from start to end (pretty impressive to say the least).

Perhaps one of the best recordings of 2003, and yet another impacting electronic release for Richard Devine, Asect:Dsect is not intended for general use. In fact, most of the music on this 65 minute voyage describes a world full of confusion, sincerity and abstraction while tumbling forward into a place that is made up of electrical sounds gone astray.

Asect:Dsect will be released October 7th, 2003 on Schematic/Asphodel.

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