Northcape :: Captured From Static (Sun Sea Sky)

2026 image 1(September 2010) Northcape hail from Brighton U.K, producing a blend of music largely consisting of gentle waves of ambient and luminous electronica. In the main, Northcape fuses its regular themes of chilled out synth layers, offset along side energizing basslines and beats. There’s some dramatic contrast – take “Shnkansen To Kyoto” as a fine example, with diligent beats, substantial bass lines, directional synths and pointy chime like melody.

Forming a typical gentle approach is “Doesn’t Feel like a long way” – with a compassionate melody that winds its way to enticing depths, weaving the most tranquil spell. A crisp snare kicks in, mixing a sharp seasoned flavor with doubtless synth melody. The background carries soothingly – its structure is gentle and welcoming, sometimes pale and stark, but always maintaining beautiful overtones. It exposes itself delightfully with a naked elegance. Deep penetrating chords surround stabs of bass which outlines its unhurried tuneful glow. “Approaching the Trig Point” transcends with a more direct demeanor. Sparkly, reflective and progressive; its beautifully developing bass, quieter and higher pitched melodies, are all knitted together with the delicacy of silk. The underlying bass gives the track a dainty state before a sense of controlled distortion arrives, creating a momentary haze of brash drive. “Grove Park” starts with a sedate organ type feel, added to with reverb laden pin sharp sounds and strobes of musical color cast upon an interesting beat form. It moves in a rather inquisitive way stepping effectively onwards with beats and pulses. “Indigo Line” moves towards suggestive independent notes, coupled with a fuller chord style that reflects its wishes, integrating perfectly and expanding on a theory set to dominate not only on this track but he whole record. It remains relatively tame, with bass lending its open influence – opens up to big delays and swells with light forms. “Moitessier” breathes a sense of white magic through the wilderness, a sense of ritual practice with its heavenly wind chimes enhancing its spiritual theme. Getting straight to the point is “Into Sunlight,” there’s nothing on here quite so edgy. “First Day in a new town” gives off high pitched chimes contrasted with a definite beat and throb of bassline – a soothing sound enters intermittently along side stronger melody which takes over. “Static Theme” expands upon the previous track; glistening with vibrant melody and calm but glowing tune. This release is lovingly produced. There’s plenty of plush notes, colour textured rhythm defining busied surroundings, viewed from a sedate location.

Every composition holds a sense of calm that intertwines with moving shapes and mild prevailing distortion.

Captured From Static is out now on Sun Sea Sky. [Listen | Purchase]



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