Microthol :: Microkosmos Remixed (TRUST, 12inch)

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(05.14.07) Just as the streets of Vienna seemed safe for the denizens to step outside
again, TRUST have returned with their brand of electro terror. After Urban
Tribe’s electro special, TRUST are serving up a remix delight. The tracks
are taken from home grown Microthol’s full length debut Microkosmos. The
remix line up is taken from the crème de la crème of the electro scene, with
old masters and some new faces giving their take on four Viennese numbers.

First up is the Italian electro master, and founder of Nature Records, Marco
Passarani interpreting “Acid Bosons.” The TB303 lines are turned up to
breaking as layers of squelch and tweak are wrenched into this acid enraged
arrangement. The beats are sharp and fast in vintage acid form. A fierce
opener to the 12″. The remixes stay in Italia as Speakwave, better known as
Dynarec, delivers his take on “Hydrogen Bonding.” Vapourwave is the name
of Dynarec’s new label, something to check out for likeminded electro fans.
Strict electro waves descend about the track, as beats thump and whip. The
track is quite different from its predecessor, with much more complex sounds
and layers making this piece of electronix.

DJ Glow starts the B-Side with his remix of “Mechanical Empire.” DJ Glow,
the founder of TRUST, turns out electro bleepery with robo-friendly samples.
Glow moves into the realm of minimal electro with this mix, as simple
synthlines shift and ride with that Drexiya underlying threat of violence
looming behind the arras of electro. Midway, Glow ups the tempo with the
“robots” sample flowing throughout. This is a real dancefloor terror show,
made for misty clubs with murky walls and underworld electronix buzzing
through an aging sound system. The record finishes up with a remix of
“Midnight Moroder” by italo disco virtuoso Alexander Robotnick. Fresh from
his recent compilation, Problemes D’Amour, Robotnick gives this track a
eurodance italoheat twist. The track pays homage to the great Giorgio
Moroder. Of late, Moroder seems to be getting a lot of recognition; such as
the recent release by Jupitar Black on Clone. To those who don’t know
Moroder, he was an 80’s electro disco producer; he’s also the one who
arranged the amazing soundtrack for Scarface. The beats and synthlines of
this mix are fast and dancefloor hyped, but the samples are pure Moroder
disco. A hi NRG synth fuelled discoteca number of 80s euro sound made with a
modern feel.

Microkosmos Remixed is a wonderfully varied 12″. The record is an
indicator of the influences and sound on which TRUST was founded, from acid
to electronix, electro to italo, this EP has it. This record is an excellent
taster of what TRUST is trying to do, get high quality and diverse
electronic music out there. From the latest releases, it seems like TRUST is
achieving its aims.

Microkosmos Remixed is out now on TRUST.

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