Caaldruun :: Headstone (Fox Den)

The grinding of pockmarked millstones, smashing electricity between unforgiving surfaces, spitting out sparks, sucked into a wind tunnel, scattered.

[Release page] As Caaldruun, New Yorker Erik Kessel disharmonizes sound culled from field recordings, oscillators and other electronic sources to create an atypically inviting noise music. Although sometimes nearly drowned out by sheets of static, each piece is slung round in rhythmically eccentric circles. The first attempt at actual melody only wisps its way through the airy scintillation of the fourth track, but it can’t hold its own for long, even on this least malevolent of tracks. Although the machinery escapes his control once—”Longloss” sounds like all the household appliances going haywire at the same time—Caaldruun is otherwise master of his protean “sonic residue.” Surprisingly accessible and expressive.

Headstone is available Fox Den. [Release page]

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