Broken Bone :: Willowbrook (Aperture)

Robust electro-industrial music that doesn’t hold back.

Noisy, cohesive and buried in reverberating grit and bass, Broken Bones’ Willowbrook yields roughened industrial movements. Tapering waves of audio fluctuations built around cascading ambient undertones allow each track to roam—eerie sounds are allowed to perpetually echo and unfold. Filled with a vacuous dub chamber, it seems time stands still on Willowbrook, fragments of sonic debris broken up by experiments gone awry. But with these skewed frequency bursts comes some kind of order in the mass of disorder.

“Catharsis” best sums the entire album as over ten minutes filled with colliding analog machinery, modular synths wired up to no apparent end, and chiseled rhythmic soundtracks weave into and out of range. Distortion also plays a key role (take “Coma,” for example) as cataclysmic shrieks bend and deform from every direction. But rather than divulge each micro-fragment—built from both extreme experiments and calmed deconstruction—it seems more effective to let the Yorkshire duo of Daz Quayle and Tony ‘Bone’ Snowden spread these sonic artifacts of scorched mechanical layers on their own.

In all, Willowbrook lets out quite a bit of steam, revealing intersecting genres such as noise, ambient, electro, bass and exp-electronics to blast off in refined chaotic form. Robust electro-industrial music that doesn’t hold back.

Willowbrook is available on Aperture.


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