Axiome :: Il Pleut Des Cordes (Ant-Zen, 12")

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(05.02.05) Unfortunately this is the first Axiome release I’ve heard, and I feel I missed something really good. This 12″ is a bomb, a sick combination of the heaviest beats and haunting atmospheres, enriched by awesome production and mastering. Since the very first track “Zieverdera” you’ll be exposed to an insane hybrid between breakcore and industrial, crushed and mashed up, with crumbled vocals trying to emerge from the wall of noise. The second track “Bidjak” is more dancefloor oriented, with ultra fast four-to-the-floor beats that clash against broken breaks, this tune alone is better than many well-known breakcore acts. “Berloke” is crazier stuff, off balance rhythms are constantly assaulted by drilling gabber kicks in an endless struggle, and on the other side you’ll find a fun Beach Boys massacre with a little help from Xingu Hill. Another stunning tune is “Nonante-Dix,” a DSP doped aggression of fractured breakbeats –perfect for twisted DJ’s. The last track is something less violent but not less gloomy, with shrieking glitch and buzzing drones on a slower rhythm.

I hope Il Pleut Des Cordes won’t be underrated nor overlooked, it deserves attention and heavy rotation.

Il Pleut Des Cordes is out now on Ant-Zen.

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