Anemone Tube :: In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality (Blossoming Fern)

Cohesive, intriguing, inspiring and worth to be listened for fans of death industrialism, as well as subterranean dark ambient.

Blossoming Fern are new comers in the publishing world of dark ambient, noise and industrial music. For their promising beginning they’ve published the new release of German’s power electronic / industrial ambient act Anemone Tube, strictly limited to 200 copies. This album brought to the fore a solid conceptual side, in touch with Nietschean’s perspectivism and idealistic philosophy. Titles make explicit references to modern decadence, primordial mythological expression and to the vitalist, tellurian dionysian strength expressed into creative forms and in the human psyche. In itself, the grandiose, epic and darkened music we have here illustrates quite brilliantly this corpus of ideas and visions.

For those in touch with the dark and experimental music underground, Anemone Tube is a well-known project whose musical production deliberately oscillates between languorous-ghostly ambient textures and merciless noisy drone artefacts. Vague and serene melodies also interact with the more nebulous, harsh noisy electronic sequences. At its finest the orchestration reaches a beatific state of trance as in the post-industrial and apocalyptic “Perpetual Dawn.” Last track of the album features the collaboration of Ukrainian ritual ambient project Monocube (who made an excellent new album for Malignant Records this year, reviewed on Igloo).

In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality is cohesive, intriguing, inspiring and worth to be listened for fans of death industrialism (Genocide Organ, Brighter Death now) as well as subterranean dark ambient (mostly its most depressive and mystical droney facet with AllSeits, Inade). A welcomed addition to the universe of post-industrial music.

In the Vortex of Dionysian Reality is available on Blossoming Fern.

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