Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt 1 :: Black Pukee (Solar One)

Hard-eyed and somewhat hope deprived, Black Pukee delivers guaranteed annihilation on Solar One.

andreas-gehm-black-pukee_featAndreas Gehm has had an interesting musical career to date. He started in the murky depths. The German producer stalked imprints such as Bunker, Crème Jak and Mathematics under monikers such as The Minister, Elec Pt.1 and under his own name. Of late Gehm has been gaining deserved attention, culminating in his debut album, Black Pukee.

“Gehm Technique” is a terse Electro intro piece, short and sweet. The fat of the LP arrives with “1000 Miles.” Sliced snares are punctured with a solid beat before Gehm’s trademark 303 burns. It’s patently clear from the outset, this isn’t an album to sooth the savage beast; it’s an album to bludgeon, brutalize and stomp faces to. “Shake Your Acid” is mean House, tough and floor ready with darkened samples and serious Chicago slant. “Express URself” amplifies what its predecessor started. Claps are rolled into batons, Acid lines scream alongside sexified samples as hi-hats are mutated into drum machine shock troops. Darkened body fluids pervade a number of the tracks, the drum infested “It Feels So” yearns with pleasure-streaked female samples which gush into the brutish “I Don’t Dare.” There isn’t any overtly distorted elements to his sound, the German artist evokes a pure, yet putrid, machinefloor sound. Incredibly, Gehm introduces some poetry to his operations. “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost, is entwined by warbling synths and tom heavy rhythms for a real retrospective piece. “Acid House Music” is self explanatory, utilizing old-skool samples and blistering beats. “In My Dreams” is an exception to the harsh Acid rule. Heady chords introduce beats, reminiscent of Armando’s “World Unknown”, for a piece of future soundtrack House. Brilliant dancefloor depth. The track notes a shift, the 303 is sidelined for arching notes of dampened hopes, as in “Cologne Dayz”, before the outro of “Gehm Over.”

Gehm has always sought the black, shadowy side, of the floor, and this album is a tribute to that pursuit. Black Pukee maps a slate colored sound. From the dizzying madness of all out Acid House assault to subtler Techno inspired creations, the LP demonstrates why Gehm has been received so well by the faithful and played out as a set-fav by DJ’s like Mick Wills. Hard-eyed and somewhat hope deprived, Black Pukee delivers guaranteed annihilation on Solar One.

Black Pukee is available on Solar One.

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