Aligning Minds :: My Heart Is Love (Gravitas)

An exquisite album of deep, soulful, chilled bass and euphoric frequency bending.

Aligning Minds 'My Heart Is Love'

Aligning Minds ‘My Heart Is Love’

[Release page] Aligning Minds returns with their follow-up to 2011’s Universal Automation (Beats & Pieces) and persists with a penchant for low-frequency shifting. Surreal, serene and ethereal, breaks are consumed by warm basslines and melodic undertones as My Heart Is Love gracefully veers away from the confines of dubstep. Swirling low-end, chilled at the surface and magnetized by skilled musical production techniques, Daniel Merrill and Michael Folk venture through subconscious electronic panoramas. With an ear for subdued electro sporadically paced throughout, a peace and calm gravitates around these sonic bubbles of time.

“Bright Flames” features dark, enigmatic and engaging exp-electro bents as “Weeping Willow” unveils moody yet lush melodics. “In The Wake of Forever” flows with soothing voices as it tweaks a landscape of downtempo grit’n bass, minimalism and hypnotics rolled into one. “Ether Perfect” escapes through a haze of Berlin-styled dub—aquatic and enlightening in the same instant. The title track has a contagious rhythmic stream of percussion and threaded harmony bursts and meandering vocal blurs. Details are consistently revealed with each listen.

All in all, My Heart Is Love is an exquisite album of deep, soulful, chilled bass and euphoric frequency bending. Carefully illustrating their knack for rhythmic pulsars and evolved sonic space, Aligning Minds’ latest offering creates imaginary soundtracks for late-night coffee lounges where conversations about the cosmos and its relationship to humanity flourish.

My Heart Is Love is available on Gravitas. [Release page]

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