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Well, this made me think of Kit from Knight Rider, first up, which in turn made me think of that Busta Rhymes tune where he sampled the Knight Rider theme. Also of David Hasselhoff’s lovely ‘The Night Rocker’, which is a truly sterling song. Well, “sterling” in the sense that I’m wracked with pain even thinking of it.

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I was having a conversation last night over a curry about those red dwarf clusters floating around and the conditions required for planets to form. This always inevitably comes back to the fact we’re made up of dead stars, which sounds really hefty and portentous, but isn’t any more
exciting than saying “gravity exists”, really.

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God, I wish I had a less serious reaction, but looking at this and wondering who on earth it was got me straight into thinking about electronic music’s crazy efforts to generate mystique by hiding people’s faces and the rest in photo shoots. I always thought that was a load of arse. Not that having an “I wish I were a male model” photo on an page makes me cooler. Heehee!!

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Haha!! I loved this game. I was trying to track down a decent Commodore 64 emulator with the sole purpose of playing this last night. A friend asked me to see if I could track down something for her birthday party tonight. I think she just wanted Pacman, but I bet deep down she was after Way of the Exploding Fist, without knowing it. Ah, the
Yamo… “WAH!”, as he would say in 8-bit glory.

72 image 5
Hmm… is that a shark? I thought of ‘Deep Blue’ or whatever it was ahead of ‘Jaws’, which is a pity. Sharks are so much the thing of horror films in my mind. That said, photos of sea life are generally so new agey. Why are dolphins all New Age when they kick sharks arses?

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I guess is this is something from Pokemon. I haven’t had anything to do with it, or any interest in finding out more about it. I’ve never seen the game, let alone played it. All I know is a friend of mine has a monster called ‘Pikachu’ which she thinks is very cute.

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Haha! Makes me think of Peter Andre. On a far too serious note, it also makes me think about how objectification of men gets a bit glossed over. Fuck it, most people don’t believe in objectification anyway… whatever.

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Ah, a faithful MIDI plug. I’m still a big fan of writing music via MIDI. I can see a couple of limitations, but for what I write it normally does the trick. The only time I’ve run into hassles was doing a vocal remix of a full song, and having to cut the song into maybe 15 sampled phrases, then sequence them up on top of the mix. Obviously if I used a sequencer that could put in audio it would’ve been a lot easier. Oh well. Found some great phrasings by complete accident.

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I love skiing, really. I don’t go nearly enough, but I really like it. My girlfriend is really into snowboarding but I’m too completely unco to want to give it a go. Actually, we’ve been going out for maybe 3 and a half years and haven’t gone anywhere near snow in that time,
so that’s an indication of how often not nearly enough is..!

72 image 10
This looks like rust to me, but I guess it’s not based on the image name “skwid”. Anyway, I love pictures of rust. I got into them doing art and school. I know it’s been done to death, but I’m a sucker for close ups of, like, ships’ hulls with all the paint buckling and going crazy. “sucker”… “skwid”… ho ho.

72 image 11
This makes me think of someone photocopying their rude bits (funnily enough), and also of a book I got recently called ‘Conceptual Art’. Bloody good book, really turned me round from making generalisations about that kind of art being just a bunch of toss or “pointless”. The image also makes me think of dumb news stories and jokes forwarded around offices via email.

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