777 :: Breaking from the Bonds of Berlin (Interview & Mix)

Perhaps I was wrong about Berlin and survival of the fittest. New and exciting imprints, like Wilson’s, are flourishing. Maybe “THE capital” has enough shelve and platter space to go around.

777 :: Breaking from the Bonds of Berlin (Interview & Mix)

I’ve always felt that German electronic music somewhat suffered from its own success. Certain labels and artists, and the clubs they were, or are, associated with, seem to stifle smaller outfits. It was as if the larger animals drained audiences and resources, leaving little for the would-be beasts to feed off. But it seems, that over time, the environment has changed and that there is now sufficient space for all.

One new label enjoying a spell of growth in this fecund ground is 777. Despite his name Ron Wilson assures me he’s a Berliner through and through, one who’s grown up in “THE capital of electronic music.” With influences ranging from UK techno to “everything good the world has to” the Berliner notes his formative years sparked a musical obsession that has taken “over” his “whole life.”

To date compilation 12″s have been a favorite of 777’s and a spread of a new names have been given vinyl space on the Thugs EP and Ossa Jams. In fact the imprint was founded with the latter, a record by “friends” which the fledgling boss “naturally wanted to support.” And this idea of musical mates runs is part and parcel of the outing, the personal touch and togetherness.

Wilson has no set way of finding artists. “Some people send me demos” he mentions, adding the quality can be suspect. But there are diamonds in the rough. The upcoming 12” from Seixlack was found through the old fashioned emailing of tracks.

At other times it’s sourcing more established talent. Glyn, for example, released Youtube Rips. Who I hear you ask? Let’s say he featured high on the IFM top 100. For 777 the release is a three tracker of grooving dusty house with just a hint of menace.

The head honcho is a self confessed “control freak.” “I basically do everything myself” adds Wilson, “planning, communications, financing, printing the covers via silkscreen per hand, distribution” with the strong artwork being from CORE. The list sounds endless, but you might notice something missing, promotion. “i don’t really do much label promotion as my platform for promo is the record-shop.” It might sound archaic but this sense of network and community is what 777 is about. The founder compounds this, dropping names like “Baroc, LLM, Drowned, Sound Mirror, Rat Life, Orakel” as exciting new German labels.

There’s an obvious excitement to Wilson’s tone, a passion for all things electronic, when asked about why the label was established. The Berliner makes the reason clear: “there is so much undiscovered music out there.” And the latest offering is part of this league of “undiscovered,” or should that be recently uncovered.

Orson Wells is an artist just starting out, but he’s making an impact. With releases on Chiwax, Live At Robert Johnson’s and Innervisions Mr Wells, aka Lennard Poschmann, is definitely turning heads. And his latest seems to have gone down a treat with the faithful. Just out and most shops seem to have already sold out, A Connection is a lovingly produced collection of three tracks. Techno is the style but of the smooth and soulful variety. Emotion filled melodies, warm tones with rhythms supporting.

With what 777 Recordings has achieved in its short life it looks like the future is bright. Wilson opts for a laconic response on the future as he mentions himself “will release some records in 2016.” Little more is given away.

But the boss has been kind enough to give us more than words, he’s sent us a mix that will more than outline what he and 777 Recordings is all about.

Perhaps I was wrong about Berlin and survival of the fittest. New and exciting imprints, like Wilson’s, are flourishing. Maybe “THE capital” has enough shelve and platter space to go around.

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