SLOW DANCING SOCIETY :: Beautiful Oblivion (Igloo Mix)

Igloo Magazine is happy to present a very special and deeply personal mix by Drew Sullivan, the creative mind behind Slow Dancing Society.

Photo by Hanna Bogatova

Photo by Hanna Bogatova

“I wanted to take songs that have made me feel a certain way and have stuck with me over time. Some are quite old while some are quite new. Some names are very familiar, like Bruce Springsteen, however, I edited the vocals to simply use the melody and haunting sax melody. It’s songs like this that are not traditional ambient songs, and weren’t written by ambient artists, but possess an ambient quality from which I draw my inspiration for my music. These tunes get heavy rotation from me as they’ve made an impact on me over the years and I want to share with the fans what sonic parts of music inspire the Slow Dancing Society sound. Plus, I like turning people on to the notion of looking at artist like Bruce Springsteen and Queensryche (who most folks would never think of for ambient material) as a source to find beautiful moments in their songs.” (Drew Sullivan)

Tracklist ::
00:00 Mad Season  :: “All Alone”
02:25 Bruce Springsteen  :: “Secret Garden”
04:34 Butch Walker  :: “Chrissie Hynde”
07:17 Brian Eno  :: “The Secret Place”
07:42 Joe Bonamassa  :: “When She Dances”
09:00 Ryan Adams  :: “The Shadowlands”
12:15 Startle The Heavens  :: “Alone”
17:05 Steve Jablonsky  :: “I’m Big”
18:46 Sigur Rós  :: “Untitled 7”
20:30 Pink Floyd  :: “It’s What We Do”
25:29 dZihan & Kamien  :: “Homebase”
26:50 Cliff Martinez  :: “We Did A Couple Of Things Right”
28:33 The October Solution  :: “Alone In The Grey”
32:54 Tears For Fears  :: “Woman In Chains”
34:27 Queensrÿche  :: “Della Brown”
37:30 Sumner McKane with Joshua Robbins  :: “The Mighty Damariscotta (Sounds Like Home)”
41:35 Absent Without Leave  :: “Daydream Lullaby (Slow Dancing Society Remix)”
44:55 Slow Dancing Society  :: “…And To The Dust We Shall Return”
46:27 Saigon Kick  :: “Love Is On The Way”
48:40 U2  :: “MLK”
50:44 The Killers  :: “Be Still”
55:05 Jensen Sportag  :: “Hidden, Hunted”
1:00:15 Chicane  :: “Overture”
1:01:01 Slow Dancing Society  :: “Wake”

Slow Dancing Society | Hidden Shoal | Hanna Bogatova

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