ANNA LOGUE Rec. :: Marc Schaffer igloomag mix

The head honcho of Anna Logue has got behind the turntable to deliver an hour showcase of his awe-inspiring imprint.


Popularity is a fickle thing. It’s always seemed strange to me how some labels garner so much attention whilst others are much less known. Minimal Synth has definitely been growing in favor, but some imprints have reached superstar status. Last week I listened to Veronica Vasicka being interviewed on a full label profile on BBC Radio 1 whilst the likes of Blackest Ever Black are enjoying a meteoric rise. But as I look back over my own collection there are labels that are longer established than the above but still somewhat, well less known. Anna Logue Records finds itself in this position.

Since 2005 Anna Logue has discovered new talent whilst resurrecting the past. One of the stand out contemporary artists of the imprint is The Silicon Scientist, the excellent Stefan Bornhorst who, with his warm and lonesome brand of analogue pop has developed a wide following. Likewise, Anna Logue has been behind some superb re-issues. Last Summer saw a rare gem unearthed, polished and re-released. David Sinfield / The League of Nations were revived by the German label for a superb walk down synthesizer memory lane.

Just before the new year Anna Logue were at it again, digging in the crates of the past for some unturned gold. An absolute obscurity, The Toy Shop were resurrected on Anna Logue’s sister label, run by Steve Lippert, Attractive! alongside a compilation of buried synth wave: Tunes That R…Attractive.

It is with compiling in mind that Igloo found label boss Marc Schaffer. The head honcho of Anna Logue has got behind the turntable to deliver an hour showcase of his awe-inspiring imprint.

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Tracklist ::
Paul Chambers :: In Tune with the Infinite
Poeme Electronique :: Rendezvous
Beograd :: TV
Passion Pola :: Juliet
Carmody :: Messenger of Love
Leaue of Nations :: Fade
The Silicon Scientist :: When the World Slows Down
Azure Blue :: The Catcher in the Rye
Hands Of Cain :: The Dagger In Me
Stranger Station :: Minutes to Silence
Transparent Illusion :: Vortex
Sonnenbrandt :: Diskolied
Twins Natalia :: Freedom in your Hand
Azure Blue :: The Road I Know
The Games :: Love Canal (demo)
Final Program :: Mechanic Dancing (unreleased)
Car Crash Set :: From Grace
Poeme Electronique :: The Echoes Fade (remix)
Twins Natalia :: I Avoid Strangers (12″ version)
23rd Underpass :: Planet 21 (LP Version (unreleased)
Quieter Than Spiders :: Land of the Lost Content (unreleased)
Epic Dreams :: In Memory (unreleased)

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