Articles By: Stephen Ruiz

MUTEK 2012 :: Part 1

MUTEK is the pinnacle of all things electronic music and art. This was a five-day marathon with over 80 performances by international artists. With big club nights, to smaller engaging sound and video environments, to symposiums to everything from the state of electronic music in Canada to the creating music in a “post instrument” world, […]

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Kid606 :: Ejaculazer Tag EP (Tigerbeat6)

Tigerbeat6, the label that has continued to crank out audio gems for the past 13 years, continues its tradition of giving you more than you could have predicted that you wanted. In what seems to be a resurgence in output from the label, and the artist, Kid606 dropped the precursor an upcoming full-length, called Ejaculazer […]

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(October 2011) For the past 15 years, Pitchfork has managed to evolve from a hipster blog, to something of a cultural taste-maker for those who long to be in the know about new and emerging music from a broad spectrum of genres. Their annual music festival in Chicago highlights some of the best emerging talent […]

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