Claethan :: Ghost Particles EP (Clean Error)

Gliding through each audio deformation effortlessly, Claethan pushes forth a solid EP of erratic electro structures.

Jonathan Minniefield (aka Claethan—based in Germany) executes this brief 5-track extended player with precision in all manner of experiment. Taking truncated electro clangs, ambient undertones, DSP shifts and a tangled rhythmic crunch’n bass, Ghost Particles exhibits fragments of minimized Bitstream landscapes peppered with Quinoline Yellow’s magnetic flows. This is no ordinary feat, mind you. As a newcomer to the imprint, Claethan introduces shards of escapist noise and manipulates them into reformed tangible bits only to be broken again in a cacophony of electrical detail. Gliding through each audio deformation effortlessly and pushing forth a solid EP of erratic electro structures, Ghost Particles is in prime form and will hopefully lead to a full-length outing.

Ghost Particles is available on Clean Error.

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