Frank Riggio :: Psychexcess II – Futurism (Hymen)

Psychexcess II – Futurism‘s unique vision into a dark world is an excellent record for late night flights both terrestrial and cosmic.

Frank Riggio :: Psychexcess II - Futurism (Hymen)

Whereas Frank Riggio’s Psychexcess I – Presentism was like the soundtrack to a dance set and choreographed in the swamps from Mad Max Fury Road (if you haven’t seen it then imagine a dance performance in the middle of a burning oil field) his Psychexcess II – Futurism is like the after party in purgatory for said dance. There’s a ponderous but exquisite darkness to this album like recovering from the worst fever dream you’ve ever had while knowing your far from whole again. Psychexcess I relied on a great deal of classical instrumentation with strings playing a big role; here on Psychexcess II there’s less of that and more synthetic works going on. It has a clear emphasis on 4/4 beats one might consider danceable though the tempos could make the dancing more ponderous and lumbering than uplifting.

“The Epicness Stupidity…” sounds a bit like Andy Stott with the lumbering gait of the drums, the absence of clear vocals mired in dark reverb and the steady wallop of dark sounds put through filters as punishment for simply existing. “tttt” has an enormous, wobbly bass intro and “oontz” beat that levels into solid synth bass and dulcimer sounds propelling a four on the floor number like some kind of sick dark dance classic or the soundtrack to a slow fight scene between two bums loaded up on cough syrup. “Elesdee” (huh huh huh. Get it?) is a subtle, slow burner with reverse claps and simple propelling bass under throbbing, swirling, whooshing sounds until the melody coalesces as a percussive twang that further evolves into an acidic, swelling arpeggiated conflagration of notes and sounds. “Flying Psyche II” is a strange mass of sounds, coming at the listener like the reversed string section from the orchestra of the damned in this brief, compelling piece. “M90 to m108” uses a thick distorted bass as a basis for detuned synth trading off over the strange melody of either an organ or violin. Riggio’s deft hand at disorienting the listener keeps you guessing as the song develops as there is an off kilter feel to the track like a bad reaction to medication. “Venusian Philosopher (Future Vision II)” is like a strange mashup between Monolake, Jega, Beats Antique and Clark with its glitchy, manipulated voices and synths dangling on the edge of going out of tune.

Psychexcess II – Futurism‘s unique vision into a dark world is an excellent record for late night flights both terrestrial and cosmic. But avoid listening while under the weather; your mind may not be the same afterwards—if this music doesn’t steal your sanity that is!

Psychexess II – Futurism is available on Hymen.

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