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X and The Flowers of Evil Tour LA 2K10 (Show review)

“…Broken Note‘s set was a roaring freight-train of power that washed over everything while Xanopticon came out and blew out more suburban brain cells and created new underground frequencies for all to digest…” (November 13, 2010) AN awesome night and a mind-altering showcase of electronic destruction; So Simple and Darkmatter Soundsystem presented X and the […]

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Android Lust :: The Human Animal (Synthellec Music)

“…Coming at the listener with a rumbling power, THA contains a deep humming ascending from a wrathful earth…” [Listen | Purchase] I must admit that the new album took me a bit by surprise with its sheer organic industrial rock. Upon adjustment and several listens, I have come to love Android Lust’s fourth proper album […]

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V/A :: Electronic Manifesto IV. Epitaph. The End Chapter (M-Tronic)

(June 2010) M-Tronic have come a long way with their new (and final release for the Electronic Manifesto series) release Epitaph. The End Chapter is a brutal, poignant and cold-binding work of art. Heading off with the fantastic “La fin de Temps” by TAT (featuring Cypher & Pagan), our first track kick-starts this requiem of […]

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